How To Overclock AMD Graphic Cards In Easiest Way

People try to overclock amd CPU or GPU in order to boost PC performance. Well, on this page I will tell you how to do AMD overclock. Actually, overclocking job is not difficult like you think. It’s a simple task if you have such knowledge and I believe even a beginner can do it.

How To Overclock AMD Graphic Cards

Before you start to overclock AMD just make sure you know detail about your AMD CPU and GPU. ON this page we will overclock AMD CPU for 8350 FX and AMD GPU for Mobility Radeon 5000 HD series.

Once you know them, make your own research through this Forum. Whether your engine has ability for overclocking or not and what is the figure should I apply on AMD Overdrive and AMD GPU tool.

Download These tools or software for AMD Overclock:

  1. AMD Overdrive is a tool to use to overclock CPU
  2. CPU-Z to know detail your processor name and proof you’ve successfully overclock
  3. Core Temp to see your CPU and GPU temperature (Try to remain them under 70 Celsius)
  4. AMD GPU Clock Tool V0.9.26.0

We divide 2 Parts How To Overclock AMD Graphic Cards. 

Part number 1 is AMD overclock CPU using AMD Overdrive and the last one is using AMD GPU tool to overclock AMD GPU. You can do both or just choose between them.

Let's start this journey. Please do not panic this is a simple task only. I believe you can do this so nothing to worry about. 

 Overclock AMD CPU Using AMD Overdrive

  •  Find a name of your CPU and do some research about overclocking Your GPU

AMD overclock

Open CPU-Z to see detail about your CPU for example mine is AMD FX-8350. Once you find out your GPU name then search online with keyword Your GPU Name + Overclock. Take a look this: AMD FX-8350 Overclock. Or you can skip to this process and go to this forum to find out information about your GP overclock.

Read their story and tips how to do AMD overclock according to your GPU. If you find out your GPU doesn’t support overclocking then you out of luck but still can try to overlock your GPU for instead. Through this forum, gather as much as information once you confident enough then we continue to the next part.

  • Using AMD Overdrive to tune your CPU Carefully.

AMD Overclcok

Open AMD Overdrive, under performance control go to Clock/Voltage menu. You only have to focus on CPU Core 0 Multiplier on Clock area and CPU Vid on Voltage area.

Click Turbo Core Control and then uncheck Enable Turbo Core and click OK. Then press Apply.

From the voltage area, you can increase the value of CPU Vid. Do this carefully by slide it up little bit. You have to find the combination of your Voltage, I know it little bit scary at first but I am sure you have learned from the forum before.

I can’t give you the exact figure because different CPU has a different Figure. You can do this carefully and if something bad happen like your screen is crashing then you can undo by pressing Discard.

Next, go to CPU core 0 multiplier and slide it to the right carefully. You can set the target how much speed you want to increase. See the CPU core 0 speed column.

Once you have found the combination figure between CPU core 0 and Voltage and your system goes well and stable with that figure, then you have to do stability test under performance control.

I suggest you to do all test just to make sure your PC is stable after overclocking.

  • Use Core Temp Tool to see Your CPU Temperature.

AMD overclock

Once you have done with stability test and the result is no crash then open Core Temp tool and see your CPU temperature. Make sure it doesn’t exceed 52 Celsius. If you think you can increase the figure again then you can tune up CPU overdrive by using CPU Core 0 Multiplier and CPU Vid.

Every time you increase this figure you have to do stability test again and monitoring your CPU temperature on Core Temp.

Once you feel satisfied with the figure then you can close these tools. Congratulation, you’ve successfully overclock your CPU.

AMD Overclock GPU Using AMD GPU Clock Tool V0.9.26.0

The process little bit same with the above one but this is more simple and easier. It’s straight forward.

Many people failed trying to increase Vram or video memory of AMD graphic card but this method might be a solution. If your V-ram is not enough to play certain latest game then you can try for AMD overclock on GPU.

If your GPU is too old and doesn’t support latest games then I suggest you to use a Swiftshader as an artificial shader 3.0 instead to overclock it.

AMD overclock

  1. Open AMD GPU Clock tool. Add up the value on Engine and Memory clock. But at first you should know what value of your current clock is. Simply, open your AMD catalyst control center. For example; My AMD mobility 5000 HD series, core clock is 750 MHz and Memory clock is 800 MHz
  2. You can increase those values using AMD GPU Clock tool. To increase core clock, you can add up new value on engine area while to increase memory clock you can add up new value on Memory Clock Area.
  3. Try to increase by 100 for engine and 150 for memory clock. Let’s say I overclock My AMD 5000 HD series from 750 into 850 on engine area and from 800 into 900 MHz on memory clock area. Then click Set Clocks.

If your PC crash during this process don’t panic just click Restore Default Clocks.

After overclocking your AMD GPU and your system remain cool and stable that’s mean your job is done. Congratulation, you just overclocked your GPU.

You just boosted your PC performance very well. Once you finished this tutorial you might say overclock is not hard job. Even a beginner can do this.

If you think you can’t do these because your PC too old to overclock then I suggest you to buy a new  Graphics cards. Take a look these top 5 budget GPU for 1080p Gaming.

I hope you enjoy with the article. There are many ways to tweak our PC performance and one of them is overclock CPU and GPU. If you have a problem while applying this tutorial don’t hesitate to leave your comment on this page. I will try to help you with my best knowledge. See you again with more interesting article. Don’t forget to subscribe PC Shader for latest update.

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