How To Boost Your FPS On PC Games

What I am going to show you right now is how to increase you FPS to overall help your shitty computer run better. Focus on certain things on this page in order to boost your FPS at highest level during your gaming time.

How To Boost Your FPS On PC Games

Easy Tricks How To Boost FPS On Gaming

  • The first thing you going want to do is just open file explorer on your PC and then click on "This PC" then click "Local Disk C". Next do right click on your mouse then go to "Properties" then you going to click on "Disk Cleanup". This trick will clean up all junk files you have. Please tick up all boxes refer to Picture 01. Next is click "OK" then "Delete Files".  Just give some moment for the system to delete all your junk files.

How To Boost Your FPS On PC Games

  • The second thing is still on "Local Disk C Properties" You should click on Tab named "Tools" and then you have to click "Check". It will check your hard drive for any system errors. Once the checking process finish go to "Optimize" button. Then you have to click "Optimize" again. It will optimize your hard drive and this is going to defrag it and making overall much better.

How To Boost Your FPS On PC Games

When you're done with those things, go ahead and click "X" button and then go to box search of you PC. Type "control panel". On the search control panel type in "Power Options" then press enter on your gaming keyboard. Then you have to click Power Options. On the default your setting is Balanced (Recommended).

How To Boost Your FPS On PC Games

On this option make sure you click for "High Performance" instead of Balanced (recommended). This is going to really help your FPS. It's going to use your computer resources a lot more.

  • Once, you have done that next go to search box again on control panel then type in "Advanced System Setting" then you're going to click on "View Advanced System Settings" and click on the "Advanced" Tab and under performance click "Settings". Then you are going to click "adjust for best performance" click Apply and OK.

How To Boost Your FPS On PC Games

Now if your windows themes look little ugly do not to worry because this is just going to help your computer a lot better.

  • The next thing you gonna do is hit the windows key on your keyboard then search for "run" option type in "%temp%" and click OK.

Boost your FPS

Now you are going to hit CTRL and A at same time in your keyboard then delete all the temporary files and click continue. Some files are not going to be able to delete because your program might be using it but when delete the temp files it really help your computer. I had really more temp files but I delete them all which really helped me out.

  • Now the next step you guys are going want to do is to download and install and open the program named ccleaner. This program is a free program you can download and all you got to do is click "Analyze" and then run ccleaner now. It basically cleans any junk files you have such as unwanted shortcuts or anything that potentially interrupts your gaming PC performance and make it a lot better overall.


  • The last thing you are going to do is download a software called Razor Cortex game booster. Again, this is a free software. What razor cortex game booster does it basically eliminates background program and processes that are not used that you're not using while you're gaming. Which is basically is going to give more RAM overall and help your PC performance and drastically improve your FPS.

Some people might argue that game booster doesn't work but I found out that it does work if you know how to use it properly and your PC especially having small RAM.

I am going to teach you how to use game booster. What you guys got to do is when you see Plus (+) button just click on it then you gonna click and browse any games you are currently playing. For instances I'm playing GTA V so I'm going to click open and add. Once you've done you're gonna double click on the game that you're playing. When I do double click it gonna eliminates background processes and then you're ready to play.

game booster

If you follow all the tricks on this page I am sure you going to boost your FPS on PC games. They simple, easy and free tricks to apply. It will optimize your computer a lot better.

The last thing you got to do to even increase more FPS is click option or setting on your games and choose your video quality then change to low setting.

This article really meant for people that have bad computer performance or anyone who has shitty computers and this really will help you out.

If your computer still lags, I am sorry you guys should buy a new computer but this really helped you that's good. Thanks for reading my blog and please subscribe this blog for more info about gaming solutions.

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