How To Stop Laptop From Overheating While Gaming

Does your laptop get insanely hot while gaming or video editing? Or maybe your laptop freeze while playing games and suddenly it drop its FPS for no graphical reason. You should worry about the life or longevity of your computer. The worst scenario is there a burning smell coming from inside you gaming laptop.

How To Keep Your Laptop Cool.

How To Keep Your Laptop Cool

On this page, I am going to show you how to decrease the temperature of your laptop or desktop computer while gaming or video editing or any other intensive computer program. Heating is a huge issue in the computer as they get more powerful they give off more energy and more heat. So, without a superior cooling system with multiple tubes or multiple fans you're going to have heats problem.

This is an easy quick fix to at least decrease the temperature. It's not the end all-be-all but it will help in 95% of the cases.

Easy Solution or Fix to decrease the temperature of your laptop

  • The first thing you should do is you must install the core temp. It's a program that monitor the temperature of your CPU.

  • And next thing is go Power Options - Change plan settings - Change advanced plan settings - Processor power management - Maximum processor state - Change it to a 70% on battery and 95% on plugged in.

power management

I think that a really good place to start even putting it at 99% will make some sort of difference. Actually, there's a huge difference between being a 100% and 99%.

I am putting at 95. I am doing great. I am doing a lot of gaming. This is a new gaming computer and it was getting hot initially. If your laptop still got hot at 95% then you can lower it little bit until you find the ideal temperature for your laptop.

You actually can see the changes of your laptop temperature on core temp program. That's why it's very important to download and install it on your PC.

You don't want to have a danger zone especially while gaming and video editing is above 75 Celsius or maybe 90 Celsius and that's really can throttle down your laptop performance. So, it's essentially decreasing the plugged in percentage heavily at that point because it's getting too hot and it needs to use less energy. It's because less energy means less heat.

Another simple Tips to keep your laptop cool are:

  • Placing the laptop to enable optimal air flow.
  • Cleaning your laptop regularly at least every 3 to 6 month.
  • Getting a cooling pad to augment it

Basically this is going to help you out from overheating issue of your laptop or desktop computer. If you have any question you can type in comment section below on this article. Good luck with this easy quick solution and see you for next gaming solution article.

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