Budget Gaming Laptop Asus FX505DT Review

Laptop Asus FX505DT

I am going to show you a budget gaming laptop the Asus FX505DT in very honest opinion. Why I think it's a budget laptop to consider for gaming. If you're a gamer or a student looking for an $649 laptop for the early of 2020, then you have to read this page review.

I've taken the Asus FX505DT right into my university since I am a computer engineering student and put it through the rounds of using it on day-today basis as well as gaming on it from time to time.

Best Budget Gaming Laptop For Students

This review session will be covering a lot of those aspects that you might be looking at if you're considering getting this gaming laptop.

The Specification Of The Asus FX505DT

It has Ryzen 5 8300H that's a 4 core 4 threaded processor that can turbo boost up to 3.9GHz. It has NVIDIA GTX 1650 Vram 4GB graphic card and 8GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB M.2 SSD with 15.6 inch IPS Display which 60 Hertz and does support AMD freesync.

The Feel Of Asus FX505DT

When i was using it on campus and may just say the keyboard on this laptop was a bit above average and was better than I expected. I thought since it was such a gamer like laptop it wouldn't be the best typing experience but I was pleasantly surprised. The touchpad is pretty nice though. I guess if you had a thing for quite touch pads this may not be it for you. But it's not a big issue especially in a university setting. So, the touchpad is good. It's really nice and sticky but aside of that the overall typing and clicking experience is pretty palpable on the FX505DT.

The Look of The Asus FX505DT

Asus FX505DT
photo credit to amazon

Whenever I using it, this is definitely a gamer focused laptop and you're looking for a laptop that looked more stealthy, especially you gonna place it in a lecture hall or in the library and you didn't want to stand out the FX505DT does have some pretty remarkable looks. I think it's a really clean looking gamer laptop with the great back panel and really awesome construction.

The Usability of The Asus FX5050

The actual weight of this laptop not as heavy as you think. Actually, around the same weight as much budget laptops that should be lighter. Considering the cooling systems are not as intricate as they are heard in this. It's actually kind of light which was really national my backpack. There's a lot of I/O on this laptop those being 3 USB 3.0 ports an HDMI output port which is really welcome especially if you're a coder  which is you can extend your display to another big widescreen display. It has dedicated internet jack which is really awesome. If you want to take advantage of really fast land speeds.  So, if you're wanting to use this at a LAN party and hook it up over LAN, you are totally welcome to. Thank for that being on board.

The Battery Life

Now, let's go ahead and talk about some brief metrics. The first thing I want to mention is the battery life. In a regular 50-minute class session in between my classes when I was just doing some light multitasking and browsing, the battery life on the FX505DT laptop did go down by about 25%. On the best battery life setting with a moderate screen brightness. I would be a little bit cautious on the battery, if you don't have the charger with on campus. I probably suggest you to optimize the battery on this laptop even further than i did.

If you wanted to exit out any background applications or do some more tweaking. The battery life is something just to think about with this gaming laptop. You got to remember, it has a Ryzen 5 processor and dedicated graphics card with some pretty gnarly specs and pretty beastly cooling so there's a reason for that battery life.

On the other hand, charging up is faster than you think with the laptop which is really awesome to see because it kind of counteracts that shorter battery life in general.

Two more things I'm going to touch on is the overall speed and kind of feel of the FX505DT when I was using windows, browsing or coding. That 256GB M.2 SSD is really overkill. I love it because if you're a college student like me and you know play it down the laptop and get straight to work in between classes or if gotta grind something the speed offered by that SSD is going to come in really handy. That's something to look forward to if you are looking at getting the FX 505 DT laptop.

One more thing I'm gonna touch on is the speakers are all right with a pretty decent volume level. The troubles are really clear but not that much bass but the speakers are definitely passable if you don't mind being huge audiophile.

The gaming benchmark

Gaming benchmark of FX505DT

We're kind of surprising actually. On the CS-GO at maxed setting with FXAA only no MSAA. We got an average about 109 frames per second. The Rainbow Six Siege at very high settings we got 112.6 frames per second average. On Fortnite at medium settings, we got about 96 FPS. And at League Legends totally maxed out we got 108 frames per second.

So this laptop actually does have the performance back it up though all of those were done with the turbo boost setting. Quickly talk about silent versus performance versus turbo and a little bit but as far as 1080p 60 Hertz gaming performance goes, this laptop can crush it for $649 .

Asus FX505DT Benchmark

Here it is the brief comparison between silent, performance turbo with their different FPS on CS-GO. And you can see there is a difference between all three model. But again my recommendation is to stay at performance mode because then the fans won't get really loud. But you'll still get more FPS that you'd like for 1080p 60 frames per second sweet spot.

Lets's go ahead and wrap up this review with my overall pros and cons on this gaming laptop. I want to start off with the cons which are only two major ones.


  • Turbo Mode causes the fans to be extremely loud.
  • Screen hinge is stiff.
  • Battery life isn't amazing.


  • The keyboard and Numpad are excellent.
  • NVMe Performance.
  • Price to Performance is off the Charts.


So, personally as long as you can deal with the battery life which is I think you could probably manage it alright if you're using on a University campus setting. I would just make sure that you tone down fans from time to time because they can get really loud. But aside from those two things, I think this laptop is pretty solid option for budget gaming laptop under $700. If you're looking for a replacement or new laptop for this year 2020.

If you like to check out the FX505DT, you can look at the link at the end of this review where you can check it out on the Amazon. The availability for this laptop from the moment is mostly gonna be online only. Thank you guys so much for visiting the blog and this is the PC Shader Blog signing out.

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Asus FX505DT
Photo credit to Amazon

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