The Cheapest Gaming Pre-built PC In 2020

The Cheapest Gaming Pre-built PC On Amazon 2020

In the PC gaming community, pre-built gaming systems have a pretty bad reputation not Ryzen the Skywalker PC built but pretty terrible in fact. If you're spending $1000 on pre-built gaming system from Amazon chances are going to be rubbish value for money. But how about $390 system?

In order to find the cheapest gaming branded pre-built on amazon is actually not easy to do. It is because if you type in gaming PC and sought from cheapest to most expensive.

The Cheapest Gaming Pre-Built PC With 10 Core

A lot of these systems are like renewed optics system and those aren't really geared toward gamers. Now you could buy one of those and turn it into a gaming capable system quite easily but that's a topic from a different article.

So, this is the little piece that I ended up going with straight off the bat the specs don't really make any sense. How can this be a 10 core gaming system now I did an article on this specific listing before. And I figured it out in that article because they have an AMD APU in this PC that has a 4 core CPU section and a 6 core GPU section.

The Cheapest Gaming Pre-built PC On Amazon

They added those two together to say that it's a 10 core gaming PC. By that logic my main computer has 3000 something cores in it and if I refer to my PC on the internet as a 3000 core gaming system, people get pretty mean. So after using your help to decide on this peasant edition pre-built system I decided to order it and this is what happened.

And here we have it. It's actually a lot smaller that I thought it was gonna be. But you don't need that much space to house 1 10 core gaming beast. I do actually have a different concern with it. There aren't any fragile stickers anywhere on it and when I put it down there was a very clear do dunk sound that come from the inside of the box.

It sounded a little bit like a loose side panel. So I am a bit concern about this thing but with that let's open it up and see whether or not DHL killed our little gaming PC beast.

As we get into the 10 core gaming beast box. There's actually another box in here. That's not ideal but there here is what a beautiful that's some the most fragile packing foam look at that it just kind of disintergrates like that. So I think the sound we heard was the power cable and not actually .

The Cheapest Gaming Pre-built PC On Amazon

This is it amazing looking PC. It looks like it come straight out of 2007. There's a DVD drive for some reason and space for 2 more if you really want to go town ripping them sick mp3s for all of your friends.

There's some front airflow which is very good for the 10 core beast that live inside of here. In all honestly the front I/0 doesn't look too bad. At least you have USB . It comes with a little Wi-Fi dongle in one of the USB 2 ports.

And then it has the biggest power button I've ever seen in PC. Can't miss that even if you tried on the side. We've got some more ventilation. There's no fan here but you can see a bit of cables through there and here.

We have the rear I/0 which is not the worst looking. I mean we've got 4 USB 3 ports . Here an HDMI port but VGA port worries me a bit. Considering  that rumor has it this was actually the display output of choice during the Triassic period but with that let's open it up and see what the inside of this little beast looks like.

The thumb screws aren't captive so I guess Dmitry from hardware key Knox would mark them down for that. Here we have that's some pretty terrible looking cable management.

They didn't use the back of the motherboard tray to actually route the cables and stuff. I okay so there is no actually space at the top here for the CPU power cable. But this stuff could have routed behind the back we've got a hard drive in here,. That's I mean that;s just loose in there. they just put one of these in there. Then just kind of like pushed it in there. that's pretty terrible in regards to the hard drive. I don't really recognize it although it does look pretty used. i mean there are quite a few scuffs on it.

The biggest problem that I have with the component selection of this system is actually the power supply which is a 400 watt unit that I've never seen before. But it does look like the kind of thing that could trigger a chain reaction that ends up destroying all of the electronics on your house.

I mean it's nice to see that they used some zip ties to actually help with the cable management. The motherboard is an ASROCK A320M-HDV. It's an AM 4 motherboard so you could technically upgrade the CPU later down the line.

Although the Vrm is fairly looser looking so I wouldn't want to run something like a 10 polarizing CPU in here. So with that let's put the side panel back on and see whether or not this system fires up.

I'll have a closer look at all of the components later. I will disassemble it and try to fix up the cable management and stuff like that but I don't want to do that before I see if it works. Because I may inadvertently fix something that didn't quite plug in. I just need to remember to put the cable tie back because that's a very important part of the operation of this system.

It's the moment of truth. let's see if it fires up. It's got a nice red power button there we got a little bit of red glow here. It seems like it's working.

It's very slow.  This is potentially the first time it's booting so that may be a lot to do with it. But I think that 3 TB drive that included it looks like it came from the bottom . Well, maybe the culprit here. They've actually got it set up.

They have Google Chrome installed straight off the bat for you. So that's very nice I appreciate that. Well, it's official according to windows this is a 10 compute core CPU so you know there were. They weren't lying you know in Windows.

It does tell you it's a 10 core CPU so I think if you kind of confront them about that, they're just gonna point to this and tell you well it is a 10 core CPU.

The fact that the system works straight out of the box without me having to open it up and dig around in that terrible cable management. To fix anything is a pretty good start. Although getting it points for that kind of feels like giving it points for not blowing up and taking both of my hands with it.

It's a kind of minimum requirement so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna try and run CSGO on it. Because they didn't seems to install any drivers on the system. So I want to see how much of an impact that has an actual performance and then we're gonna try and run some other popular games on the little engine that could .

Those results are pretty terrible. This thing is a real little crap box even for $380 those results are unacceptable and it's not like I'm playing brand new triple-a title. Like CSGO with the lowest settings and DOTA 2 are barely playable on this system and that really isn't something I'd expect from a gaming system.

Now just out of curiosity I tried to run half-life 2 on this system which is a 16 year old game and this system couldn't get the consistent 60 FPS at 1080p on a 16 year old game. That's some pretty crazy stuff. Now just to really put the gaming experience on this system into perspective. Here is some footage of me playing PUBG on the lowest settings at 720p just give you a really indication of what 14 FPS looks like at 720p.

Like I said before the hard drive looks like used. So I decided to do some performance test on the hard drive and it performs kind of in line with other hard drives.

You know it's decent but when I looked at Crystal Disk info it shows that this hard drive is very very used in fact it's been on for at least 4 years.

Let's open it up and I will fix its cable management. You can learn how to build a Gaming PC for beginners. It's a complete tutorial!

Here it is after 20 minutes of cable management. It looks significantly better but it does still have some problems. This is the worst case I've ever worked in.

The Cheapest Gaming Pre-built PC On Amazon

The biggest problem in this system is the choice of components even for a $380 build. This case shouldn't exist. They shouldn't used this power supply and it's unacceptable that thee hard drive is older than I am and has worked than the most abused donkey. Not only that but the 10 core APU that they use in the system wasn't an acceptable gaming solution when it was first available 4 years ago.

You shouldn't really buy this system. It's kind of like the PC equivalent of gonorrhea. Its just a red and yellow mess so in conclusion in my opinion if you have under $500 to spend on a system. You shouldn't really buy a pre-built PC because in that price range there isn't enough of a margin for profit to make it worth the system builders. While without cutting some serious donkey level corners.

I suggest you to do this How to build $300 gaming PC instead buying this system. If you like this article subscribe to the PC Shader Blog and don't forget to hit share button and see you for next article.

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