My Complete Budget $1500 PC Gaming Setup

I want to show you my new complete and decked out 1500 dollars PC gaming setup using an upcoming 1000 dollars gaming PC build. It's upcoming because it's not out yet for a good reason which I'll talk about later in this page. 

The main goal behind creating this new $15k gaming setup was just create something simple that had all the essentials for a competitive pc gaming setup. Getting a gaming mouse that is precise and competitive for any first person or battle Royale game. Getting a reliable sturdy and satisfying to use mechanical gaming keyboard that uses linear switches. A wireless headset you can put on your head get straight to using and take off whenever you don't need it along with a fast responding 1440p monitor and a gaming pc that'll be the backbone behind this whole setup. 

PC Gaming Setup

For the mouse we have the Roccat burst pro. This is a wired gaming mouse that weighs 68 grams features RGB and interestingly compared to other gaming mouse uses an optical switch rather than a traditional mechanical switch and this peaked my interest really early while using this mouse because the click is more firm, lower pitch. It's almost like a little bit harder to click but it's more satisfying than like my G500 that I use on a daily basis. They are using a brand new titan optical switch and essentially compared to a regular switch on another gaming mouse. This one will interrupt a beam of light anytime you click down on it which will register an input to your PC faster than a traditional mechanical switch on most other gaming mouse. So this mouse should be faster than other mouse with the same price. I like the clicking sensation on this mouse. It's a lot more firm which I like.

Now let's talk about the keyboard choice which is the Roccat Vulcan TKL. This is a $130 mechanical gaming keyboard that uses their titan linear mechanical switches tkl so there's no number pad and that was intentional because this will cost a little bit less than a full-sized keyboard and you get a more room on the right side of your keyboard if you're a right-hand mouse user. So you can have more room fling around your mouse .

Besides the fit and finish the actual RGB light quality I think is on par with corsair and razer keyboards as well. These RGB lights aren't just bright they are also colorful because I know there's cheaper RGB gaming keyboards out there that claim to be RGB and bright but the actual quality of light used just isn't quite there. So this definitely doesn't disappoint and beyond that some of the actual RGB lighting effects only found on this keyboard are can be vey unique like I haven't found some of these sort of lighting effects on other razer and coarser keyboards.

Moving on to the headset I have chosen he Roccat Elo 7.1 air wireless surround sound gaming headset. If you are going to be building a gaming setup this sort of scale and magnitude with a high budget, I really  I think you should opt for a wireless gaming headset. It's because that freedom of movement even while you're in your gaming setup. It's just such a nice premium to have and I mean there's been so many situations on my own sort of front where I've had my wireless gaming headset on. Stand up out of my chair go downstairs and get food while still listening to music or whatever like Youtube video I'm listening to. 

So, it's such a nice premium to have and I think you should opt for a wireless gaming headset specifically when it comes to the Elo 7.1 airs. When it comes to gaming headset if you have this adjustable headband that will fit automatically fit to whatever size head you're. Putting this headset on it's an instant win in my book when it comes to comfort because these have just always across the board felt comfortable when you have this adjustable headband rather than like a static one another thing to notice that this does have a detachable microphone. 

Next up let's talk about the monitor. Which is the pixio PX277 prime. This monitor here is 1440p with a 165Hz refresh rate a 1 milliseconds response time an IPS panel include AMD free sync and it's around $330. It's enough to say for a nice 1440p gaming monitor that isn't overpriced. The only thing I don't like about it is the stand quality which kind of shows where the price of this monitor is. All the budget was put into the panel and they did the least amount for the stand because all you can do is just pivot the monitor forwards and backwards.

PC gaming build

I have no further complain about this gaming monitor. It looks great and there's pretty much no lag and will be fully utilized with our $1000 gaming PC with that RTX 3070 and i5 processor I've chosen out. So speaking of let's get straight to it so the 1000 gaming PC here which I haven't released yet on the blog uses an i5 and RTX 3070. There's no bottleneck because I've already done benchmarks that's not happening 16 gigs of ram, a 500GB western digital black sn750 m.2 SSD, a 650 watt 80 plus bronze power supply.

All in metallic gear neo air ATX case and a B460 pro motherboard from Asrock. That totaled out to about 1000 to seven to one thousand to fifteen dollars. If you can find that RTX 3070 I used in this build. 

The gaming performance of this PC is just simply undeniable with that i5 - 6 core 12 thread and RTX 3070 along with 16 gigs of ram. It crushes anything at 1440pand specifically in a few titles. You'll actually be able to use the full 165hz refresh rate. Of that monitor in games like Fortnite, Apex legends and a few other Esports titles. If you are planning to play Cyberpunk 2077 you are not going to be able to get close to. I think 165Hz with RTX on but still it should be a much more smooth gaming experience than just having a regular 60hz or 100Hz 1440p monitor. 

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