The New Budget Gaming CPU

I want to see if the new i5 11400f arguably the best budget gaming CPU you can buy right now. It would be a suitable processor to pair up with a high-end graphics card like the 6700 XT to ultimately see if this CPU and GPU combination could be ludicrous for 1440p gaming.

i5 11400 and RX 6700 XT

Right now I will be testing whatever game comes  to my head in my stream library. Maybe you will be more enticed come over to these posts every time I make them. So do let me know in the comment section below and I will read them.

We'll be getting into benchmarks and some analysis of the video as well as a highlight of the the graphics card we're using. 

If you guys don't know already the i5 11400 and it's f variant has 6 cores, 12 threads and it cost about $160 to $180 bucks depending on the model. it goes up to 4.4 GHz. it's really good for the money. But what you may not know much about is this aftermarket version of the 6700 XT. I will be using for this article. 

Here is the power color hellhound RX 6700 XT. This is such a beefed up card from power color. As typical from what they do usually for their aftermarket cards. I just to do a little spill on the specifications. 

power color

This can turbo boost up to 2581Mhz and it has 12GB GDDR6 memory. of course it's on that seven nanometer architecture and really the only downside of this card is that it has a 192 bit memory bus . Say versus 256 which is on the 3060TI. Which is similarly priced at least in terms of MSRP. But the design, the build quality and the cooling performance is a lot better than the reference model. These three fans right here do definitely help towards cooling off the chip.

It can actually probably assist in some pretty good overclocking since the 6700 XT. It can probably go up to 2800Mhz. But that's a little bit of challenge with the reference card model. But with this aftermarket version with power color with beefed up Vram and of course beef up cooling. I think it's certainly possible. We have the three fans here.

RX 6700 Xt

RGB and they do shine in your case at night especially. So if you wanted some nice under glow on the bottom of your case. This GPU has the aesthetics and the cooling performance to hopefully satisfy that need.  But to measure if this is going to be a good CPU and GPU combination.

In addition to the benchmark I'm going to show you to look at top left of the picture in all the gameplay and that will provide the CPU and GPU utilization metrics for this combo. And ideally you want the graphics card combination to be as high as possible. While the CPU utilization no more than say 60 percent. 

So to begin here is Apex Legends and no issues at all 172 FPS on average with 125 frames per second for the 1% low smooth. High frame rate exactly what we need.

Apex Legend Benchmark

Then how about CSGO? well, this game was slightly stuttery for me could have just been the game itself really high and uncapped but it got 244.8 frames per second with 63.1 for the 1% low.

CS:GO Benchmark

On the Cyberpunk 2077 though I decided not to use any ray tracing and I got 52.6 FPS average and 43.5 for the 1 percent low when running the game at older settings. But with ray tracing turned on, the gaming performance did suffer quite a bit. So, again if you're looking for ray tracing in this card you're not going to find it. 

Cyberpunk 2077

Then onto Death Stranding with maxed and graphics and using AMD fidelity X scaling which can help increase the FPS by dynamically affecting the resolution while you play. We got 170 FPS and 142 FPS for the 1% low. So that game completely and utterly not problem at all for this CPU and GPU combination. And seeing that high of frame rate on a 160. CPU paired up with that high end card is a really good sign.

Death Stranding

Then onto The Fortnite with maxed settings 1440p on my benchmark map which throws everything the game has to have into this little course. at the CPU and GPU we got 81.5 FPS for the average and 49.0 for 1% low and this is the extremist of Fortnite you can probably get much higher than this is a regular game instead of my benchmark map but again good thing to see.


Then on to Forza Horizon 4 my favorite game at ultra setting 130 FPS for the average and 112.9 FPS for 1% low. Note ratios all there. Let's move on. 

Forza Horizon 4

Going on to Red Dead Redemption 2 using the Vulkan API with graphics preferred for the graphics quality setting at 1440p. We got an average of 67.8 a minimum frame rate of 30.2 and a maximum of 89.4. So fairly balanced across the board RDR 2 is more graphically intense game to run and even at 1440p at high resolution not a really problem with this mid-range CPU and high-end graphics card.

Red dead redemption 2

It could be a little bit higher admittedly but I mean some of other games list ran tremendously well. So no real issues there.

Then onto Valheim though and max graphical settings as well using the Vulkan API 78.4 frames per second and 60 frames per second for the 1% low. So smooth high frame rate experience and the game is still an alpha, beta or whatever version. It is so it isn't completely optimized. I want to say but even then you can totally play Valheim if you want with everything completely maxed out and still be well above 60 frame per second.


Then finishing out with call duty warzone max graphical settings with everything cranked up 166.9 frames per second average. 127.9 frames per second for the 1% low. 


All those benchmarks right there should kind of tell the story. This budget 6 core CPU from intel is not having a problem. Totally using up that aftermarket power color RX 6700 XT.

Note that was everything being run at stock not even this being overclocked which it certainly can do and in that case we probably get even more FPS and I would put my money on the i5 11400. It's still being able to fully utilize this card even with it overclocked.

So in conclusion I This this the i5 11400 is a very capable gaming CPU. Even up to an aftermarket 6700XT GPU that can definitely be pushed farther. Even if you were to say overclocked this card you could probably still utilize the full potential of this with this around $160 to $180 budget gaming CPU

And even then I don't think the narrative would change too much if you say compare this to an 11600K because from other benchmarks. Even with a 3080 the difference between this (11400) and 11600K which was about 100 bucks was not that much. So the 11400 is definitely a stud and if you're looking for 6700 XT that is definitely an absolute killer. 

Do check out this Hellhound from power color looks great. Build quality is awesome and the power delivery will be there if you do want to overclock this card and push it even further. 

Let's just hope that stock and prices do get better because this is a seriously good card for gamers. It just needs to get into the hands of them.

So that is it for this article and seriously than you for visiting my blog and reading all the way till the end. 

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