How To Fix GTA 4 Graphics Problem

In this article I am going to show you how to fix no graphic in GTA 4 for all windows versions.. When you see the picture below there's no graphics in my GTA 4. 


I think there might be a bridge and it seems cars are flying in this scene but I couldn't see it due to the graphics problem in this GTA 4. 

GTA 4 fix graphic error

So what's the problem is when we go to the graphics setting and here it is you have. Your gaming PC only able to use 56 MB while the game required 210 MB in order to display full graphics. As a result you are unable to increase and decrease video mode distance, detail distance and everything in this setting. 

GTA 4 graphic setting

I am going to show you how to fix this problem so we will get the full graphic in GTA 4. Let's quit the game first. Now what you have to do is create a new text document and name it commandline. Next you have to open it and type this text; -nomemrestrict -availablevidmem 10

Note you can substitute 10 with 20 or 30 or 40 but I suggest you to type 10 according to the sample above and you will get 56 MB x 10 = 560 MB. If you type 20 or 30 you will face lagging problem while running the game. 

I suggest you again just type 10 in order to avoid the lagging problem and remember there is space between those words. 

Next is to save this file and copy it and paste it in GTA 4 game directory. Congratulation it's done and now you can open back the game. Let's see what will happen next?

Now we go to the option - graphics and there is a 560 MB but in my GTA 4 I am using 355 MB and what you have to do is auto configure it and I already done it. According to my PC performance I might not to configure it again. Let's start playing the game!

GTA 4 option

You can see there is a graphic but it's a bit lagging. So in order to avoid this lagging problem go to the graphic setting and you have to decrease all variable in video mode and lagging problem will be fixed. 

If you have done this method but still unable to solve the graphics error in GTA 4 then you can try other method by downloading Shader Model 3.0 software. You can download the file for free and paste it in GTA 4 directory. Good luck to all of you and see you for the next article about gaming solution. 

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