LG OLED TV for a Sim Racing Setup

On this page I want to explain why I down scaled from a triple monitor setup to a single TV for my sim racing setup with my PC through using the LG OLED 48C1. The triple monitor setup you have seen as a backdrop in many of my posts was solely created to get into sim racing because I had the awesome opportunity of getting myself a TSPC racer and TLCM pedals from thrustmaster. While the triple monitor setup was a really great introduction. It has some flaws. 


Now the actual monitor themselves have had no issues. Their high refresh rate and high resolution. But the actual triple monitor mount that I am using is not the best when you have a force feedback wheel going right through the desk. 

Each of the arm on that triple monitor mount act individually. When I get in the heat of a moment or go off track in a race. Sometimes each of those arms will get a little bit out of shape or out of balance and one monitor could be slightly higher than the other or tilted forward or backwards different from middle monitor. 

triple setup monitor

It's always pain to readjust after every race. So, I am looking to simplify my setup possibly with a single screen. But, I needed something big enough and that's where LG came into play and reached to me to check out their new OLED 48C1. I was looking for the specifications and the possibility of using it with a sim racing setup and I am like, I will give it a shot. The results have been interesting.

LG OLED TV 48C1 Specifications 

So, before we get into why I think this TV is great for sim racing let me do a little spec spill on the OLED TV 48C1. 

If you are looking at this TV from a PC gamer's perspective these first things that should just jump right out at you is the 4K 120HZ panel 1ms response time and support for the Nvidia g-sync and AMD free sync. So if you have any gaming PC like the one here that I have that is quite powerful and can utilize the majority of that 120 Hertz refresh rate. You're in good territory because this TV can take a lot.

SIm Racing setup

Additionally this is an OLED LG TV so all the pixels on it are self lit. So, you will get that full deep contrast in the image of the actual TV. That may seem kind of like an oversight for a lot of PC gamers for sim racers. That's actually been a little bit handy and determining track conditions while you're going quickly around a track which I'll get into later. 

But, it makes the overall image very deep and dark with the blacks while still emphasizing the colors. So, it's just a really nice picture to look at.

LG OLED TV 48C1 Features

Now of course this is a full on TV that is primed for gaming so it does have a game optimizer suite. Where you can enable and disable certain things to take your gaming experience to be just how you want it. The few things that I like from that suite were the motion pro feature where you can turn it on and it will reduce motion blur while you're gaming which I found kind of useful for determining brake makers on a track. Like on monza where you need to hit those breaking marks correctly. 

AI game sound

Also, the AI Game Sound that is in this TV in terms of software and hardware which like Dolby Atmos and the sound game optimizer feature can produce sound from this TV that is actually bigger than what you might think. 

So, if you're specking out a sim racing setup and you don't have a full on a sound system yet and you have to stick with the internal speakers on the TV. If you turn on those features you will be not dissatisfied. It's quite surprising actually and to be fair I'm gonna keep this as is I am not gonna buy a sound bar or anything like that. I ma cool with the sound coming from this TV. 

It wraps around you in a way you would not expected!

I could go on more about the different features and cool nifty things with the LG OLED 48C1 but now I want to get into the meat of this post and tell you why it's so good for Sim Racing. 

Of course all of this is very visual because you need to get around the track as quick as possible and there are a multitude of different factors that can impact your lap time. 

All the way even from like wind direction track conditions and where your placement is on the field. All the way just overall responsiveness whenever you're reacting to things that are coming right at you while you're driving. 

When it comes to TVs historically they've either had really good picture quality or really good responsiveness and speed but never both. But the LG OLED 48C1 can do both of those things. 

motion pro feature

So with the motion pro technology 120 HZ panel refresh rate and the 1ms response time on manza and other tracks with hard breaking zones I am able to directly pinpoint where I need a break. All the time just like a gaming monitor which is kind of surprising all the while on a 48 inch panel which is really great.

Secondly like I said a response time this TV is very low. So, when you react quickly to something on the road or you need to get off the line quicker than your opponents. You can do that with this TV the same as a gaming monitor. 

Conclusion On LG OLED TV 

Of course it's a sim racing setup so you want a nice looking picture quality and the LG TV OLED 48C1 delivered on that too, while again not sacrificing the responsiveness or overall input lag. So, it's just checks all the boxes for a sim racing TV.

If you are looking for one of the best to fit that category for a Sim racing setup this is something to take a deep look at.  

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