The Affordable Way to Get Into VR PC Gaming

I would like to write about the most affordable way to get into PC VR gaming. I emphasize affordable because there are definitely cheaper ways to get into VR PC gaming. But I personally I think at that point you are sacrificing your VR experience for just the matter of doing it for as cheap as possible. So that's why I titled this post the most affordable way to get into VR PC gaming. Because I think it's the most sensible way.

All not breaking the bank and we're gonna do that with that brand new Oculus quest 2. So in this little mini guide article I'm going to show you what sort of budget gaming PC I would pair up with the Oculus quest 2 and show you the different features and nifty tricks you can actually pull off with this headset to get the most out of it. while again not breaking the bank.

The more or less goal of this whole VR setup is to have the total cost be below 1000 dollars. Including the gaming PC, including the Oculus quest 2 and any other additional accessories we would want. Which sounds expensive but there are gaming PCs out there and actually the graphics cards that cost more than everything I'm going to be talking about in this article. 

So, trust me this is a budgetary for a VR setup. With that being said everything I talk about in this article including the oculus quest 2 will be linked in this post if you want to check everything that I talk about. 

So, let's talk about the headset (picture 1;53) which is the the quest 2 and I think the best way to illustrate. It is to compare it with the previous rift s which is what I used on my previous VR gaming setup for the longest time. 

So to begin the quest 2 doesn't have to always be hooked up to a PC. You can actually play it standalone using the Oculus store and play games that are natively stored on the headset itself which is kind of cool. It's because you don't want to hook up a PC at the moment with the quest 2. You can just play whatever games you want it natively which is kind of neat.

Of course the performance natively on the headset isn't going to be the same as hooking it up with a PC. That's just a nice feature to have since with the rift S you could only use it with your PC. Also you get redesigned touch controllers and in my personal opinion (picture 2:38) all I really notices is that they were just thicker and meteor and with the original rift S controllers they were just a little bit thinner. So, I guess just a little bit of an ergonomic design change which I'll welcome with a cheaper headset.

Now for the Display there's actually a little bit difference because the original rift S just had a single panel whereas with the new quest 2 there are two individual panels for each eye which should yield a higher pixel density. So, the overall image should be better and that screen door effect should be even more minimal versus the rift S.

Now as far as pricing goes you can either you get the quest 2 64 GB of onboard storage for about $300 or get that but with 256 GB of on-board storage for $400 and if you wanted to actually hook up the headset to your PC like with an oculus sling cable (picture 3:30) that could cost you $80 but there are other third party cable options that'll be anywhere from like $20 to $50 which are cheaper. But I haven't personally tested and haven't seen any personal reviews for. So don't take my word on that but yes you can hook up the oculus quest 2 to your pc with a wire.

Well, there is another way you can actually hook it up to your pc with zero wires. Some people have been able to use the quest 2 with a virtual desktop which will basically project your desktop to the quest 2. It's pretty self-explanatory. The performance actually the same as hooking up to your pc wired if not better in certain scenarios which is pretty cool because that can actually save you some money from actually having to buy a cable. But of course there's a downside because you're just using the onboard battery for powering up the quest 2 which can last up to about two hours. So there's that a little thing you have to think about when you're playing the oculus quest 2 wirelessly using the virtual desktop method.

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